Kensington Market Toronto Neighbourhood Shopping

I remember the first time I visited Kensington Market Toronto. It was not long after I moved here. I knew in general where it was but I just kindof winged it after I got off the subway.

I now know I ended up on the wrong street to see anything more than a few food stalls and didn't venture far enough to see all of the Kensington Market area.

Toronto's Kensington Market is a mixture of residential, food markets, restaurants and shopping. The main shopping throughfare is found along Augusta Avenue but you can find shops on Nassau and Kensington.

Kensington Market Toronto

Kensington Market Toronto shopping map
  1. Fresh Collective – indie designers
  2. Blue Banana – gifts
  3. Bungalow West – vintage clothing
  4. Kensington Clothing Co
  5. Hibiscus
  6. G&P Construction Work wear
  7. Harvey David Ltd – Construction wear
  8. Zimmerman Discount Food & Clothing
  9. Funky Junky Retro Finds
  10. Ali Baba Discount Shoes
  11. F13
  12. Project 165 – pop up shops, gallery
  13. tbd
  14. Fada scooters
  15. Clothing kiosk – jeans, tees, discount clothing
  16. Atto
  17. Good Egg - gifts
  18. Bungalow – mix of vintage & new clothing, mid century modern furniture
  19. Orbital Arts
  20. Model Citizen - clothing
  21. Vintage Depot
  22. Exile
  23. Kensington Mall
  24. Cinderella Vintage Shop
  1. Nepal Handicrafts
  2. Butterfly
  3. Tibetan Village Store
  4. The Pearl Gift Shop
  5. Exile
  6. Sub Rosa Vintage
  7. Sole Survivor
  8. Courage My Love
  9. Urban Catwalk
  10. Indo East Trading
  11. Twylite
  12. Pineapple Vintage
  13. Ego
  14. Cuties Fashion
  15. Causa
  16. Dancing Days
  17. Red Arrow Bikes
  18. Flashback
  19. Fashion Old & New
  20. The Fairies Pyjamas
  21. Flashback
  22. King of Kensington
  23. Tibet Gift Shop
  24. Vibes
  25. Bubblegum fashion
  26. Casta Brava Leather
  27. Tribal Eye
  28. Kid Icarus 
  29. Hardboiled
  30. Lettuce knit
  31. Toms Place

    Kensington Market Toronto

    Food wise you will find gourmet burger joints, Mexican food and many vegitarian restaurants. The neighbourhood is bordered by Spadina to the East which means Chinatown is in close proximity; you will see its influence the closer to Dundas you walk.

    Many of the small grocery stores and food stalls line Baldwin Street.

    Visiting the Kensington Market area is a must any time of the year but even better during the summer months with pedestrian Sundays.

    Two of the vintage stores along Kensington Ave were recommended by Jeanne Becker of FT fame; Courage my Love and Flashback.

    Kensington Market Toronto

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