About Me, the torontoShopoholic

torontoShopoholicHi! My name is Jane and what you need to know about me is that I am a shopoholic. The torontoShopoholic to be exact. I live in Toronto and I shop for a living!

By profession I am a C.A., or Chartered Accountant for those not up on the lingo. By passion I am a shopoholic and website publisher.

Wonder how I do it?

Keep reading about me and find out how you too can find a way to make money doing what you love.

Big City Dreams

I am not originally from Toronto, I grew up in small town southwestern Ontario and moved here after graduating from my Masters program and writing the UFE.

I don't actually remember exactly when I decided that I was going to move to the big city, but one thing is for sure, I wasn't going back to the small town.

We used to visit Toronto when I was in High school, we came here to do some shopping and never knew exactly where to go. We would wing it and stop the car when we found somewhere interesting.

When it came time to find an apartment after University friends of my parents said move to Yonge & Eglinton! It turns out this was one of our favourite neighbourhoods from back when we would make shopping trips.

My love affair with Toronto began.

Becoming a Shopoholic

I love shopping, window shopping, buying, trying on - the whole bit.

And I have always been into fashion. I remember watching Jeannie Becker growing up and pouring over the pages of Vogue, seventeen and pretty much any magazine I could get my hands on.

When I moved to Toronto I started as a junior auditor and for the first time had some real disposable income. But besides where I lived, where I worked and the Eaton Center I wasn't that familiar with where to go. So I started to explore. My subway pass is my ticket to shopping freedom.

I have been here in Toronto and the GTA for 6 years now and I am still discovering new Toronto shopping!

And I know not everyone is like me, so I thought why not put my knowledge out there for others, so they can more easily find what they are looking for and where they can find it in Toronto. Toronto shopping is my specialty.

A Daughter and Maternity Leave changes EVERYTHING

When I got pregnant I thought like most young professional women that I would head back to work when my year maternity leave was over. That's what you do right, keep climbing the corporate ladder.

But what if I didn't?

Now I am a new mom and on Maternity leave. Nothing is really about me anymore but I love being at home as a Mom more than I ever liked my 9 - 5 jobs. I started torontoshopoholic.com for my daughter so that I could hopefully spend more time with her, rather than climbing the corporate ladder. And now its making a bit of money - find out how!

Some might think that I am crazy giving up a successful career, but doing what you love and talking about something with passion is much more fulfilling than a career you just show up at everyday.

I couldn't do it alone, I have great support from my husband and family and Site Build It!

I love the hustle and bustle of the city, but I also like how I can retreat to my neighbourhood and feel at home. Toronto really is a city of neighbourhoods, each with its own main street and fantastic shopping.

I truly hope that you find what you are looking for on torontoShopoholic.com, and I welcome your questions and suggestions about what is included or could be included within this site.

Contact me anytime! 

Enough about me, lets get back to Toronto shopping!

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Jane is the founder and editor of torontoShopoholic. It started out as one shopoholic's guide to shopping in Toronto, neighbourhood by neighbourhood but expanded to include personal style and shopping trends as well. You can find her on Google +, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.